About Us

Bro. Siga Animation Centre (BSAC)

Bro. Siga Animation Centre (BSAC) is an NGO in Chennai, working towards the empowerment of slum dwellers and the rural poor, especially women & children, in Vyasarpadi, an area in North Chennai. At Bro. Siga Animation Centre (BSAC), our purpose is clear: 1. To empower slum and rural poor communities, with a special focus on children and youth in Vyasarpadi, Chennai. 2. We believe in creating a transformative impact by providing access to education and vocational training, raising awareness, and fostering community development to break the cycle of poverty and build a better future. 3. We also prioritize raising awareness about crucial issues such as child rights, gender equality, health, and education, empowering individuals to advocate for their own rights and well-being. Furthermore, our organization believes that by addressing these key areas of impact—education, vocational training, health, gender equality, and community development—we can uplift the lives of the youth and children in Vyasarpadi, enabling them to lead fulfilling and empowered lives..

Our Vision

Empowering women, children, and youth from marginalized communities to lead a dignified life

Our Mission

Availing women, children, and youth with education, equal rights vocational trainings which eventually develop them holistically for a better life