Resource Center Activity

Resource centre have an important part in improving access to information and learning. In that way Aarvam resource centre aims at:

  • Creating a pleasant environment for learning

  • Contain a relevant and accessible collection of resource material based on the needs of children and community people

  • Provide a range of information and encourage people to use the information in the resource centre.


AarVam prefer the term “Resource Centre” to ‘ Library’ where children and community people can relax and enjoy themselves , talk to each other and take part in training activities and information sharing.

Cultural training and Sports

Aarvam offers multiple and varied opportunities to the children in the field of cultural and sports every year. In cultural children are being trained on different art forms such as Parai aatam, Puppetry, Mime, Street Play, Silambam, Oyil aatam and many more for both boys and girls.

Recent Donations

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