Workshops & Camps

Workshops & Camps

Summer Camp

Aarvam has always managed to breath fresh air into drab and mundane seasons with its interesting and useful initiatives. The Summer Camp 2019 was one such invigorating ten-day camp which aimed at providing a conducive environment for the enhancement of the skill set of the youth. The camp was inclusive of various workshops such as life skill training (decision making, problem solving, leadership, re-habitation and the like.,), art and craft ( bottle decoration and painting), photography ( camera handling, types of photographs, journalism), computer (photo shop tools, card designing), tailoring ( fashion designing, handling of tailoring machine, measurement, stitching) and children were engaged in physical activities such as parai, martial arts, silambam which aimed at stirring the activeness in children. As a part of the ID-day the children were taken om one-day trip to Dakshinachitra Museum on (9-05-2019), which helped in making the children realize the rich South Indian heritage and culture, the summer camp can be described as nothing less than a holistic development period for all those associated with it.

Life Skill Introductory Session

Aarvam has always been in the forefront of implementing quality life lessons to the upcoming generation. The NGO has been proactive since day 1. An introduction session was given to adolescents on LST. Children from different areas of Vyasarpadi gathered and were taught about the essentials of life. The sessions detailed about the ten most important life skills namely:
Problem Solving
Decision Making
Creative Thinking
Critical Thinking
Leadership Skills
Self-Awareness etc.

Goal Setting

A workshop on goal setting was organized for the adolescents in Aarvam organization. More than 50 participants took part in the workshop, which focused on the topic of how to set a goal and what to do in order for it to be effective. Today, youth often get pressurized and go clueless about what they actually want. The session opened vistas to how to chart out a goal. Planning is an important aspect of reaching the goal. This point was taken across to the children. Various activities were conducted to engage the children.

Self-Esteem Class

Self-care and self-value are of utmost importance in this fast-paced world.  The session conducted for adolescents, During these sessions, children were exposed to a number of activities which focused on knowing themselves; how to differentiate between a good habit and a bad habit and also how to overcome a bad habit if any. The session threw light upon the importance of self-worth and esteem.

Interpersonal Relationship

Relationships in any form has a effect on both mental and physical health as the major force that drives emotions. Especially during adolescent stage, children go through a lot of psychological changes which triggers their every action. To make their vision clear, we conducted interpersonal relationship sessions to adolescent boys and girls in the Vyasarpadi community. Children were encouraged in various activities like circle activities through which a child will understand the difference between good and bad relationship. Also, children were taught how to break negative opinions among friends and relatives. Various other small activities also taught to make positive opinions.

Peers Group Leader's Training At Oasis Resort

Students of child development have always drawn attention to the importance of peers, especially in adolescence, when peers may facilitate each other’s antisocial behavior. It has often been assumed the peers are less important in early childhood, when relationships with family members are more influential. However, recent research shows that even infants spend time with peers, and that some three- and four-year-old are already having trouble being accepted by their peers. Early problems with peers have negative consequences for the child’s later social and emotional development.
To understand why some children find it hard to relate to peers it is important to study the early development of peer relations.
Four peer groups were formed with adolescents in four wards at Vyasarpadi. Girls and boys with leadership skills are identified. End sessions were conducted at Oasis resort for two days. During training, 10 life skills of WHO was taught to children. Also, three other sessions were conducted in the month of August to improve leadership quality which they can impart it to other adolescents in their community.

Adolescent Residential Camp-2019

Aarvam adolescents were taken to 2 days residential camps on 27th, 28th and 29th of December at Tonikala Camp site during their Christmas vacation. Children had a different experience staying at tent and enjoying the fire camp and cultural night time.
During three days of camp children were trained on various topics such as substance abuse, art and craft, first aid, home gardening, public speaking and many more. Along with the training they also enjoyed traditional games and many fun activities such as dog and the bone, pachaikuthirai, seven stone, football, balloon games and so on. Moreover, it was a fun filled camp with more learning and new experiences.

Medical Camp

Organized a free medical camp on 16th February 2020 at Vyasarpadi with SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Center. The medical camp was arranged with free General Physician, ENT specialist, Orthopedist, Gynecologist, Ophthalmologist and Pediatrician for the benefit of the community people in Vyasarpadi.