Volunteers Speak


“I had a great learning experience at Aarvam. I got the opportunity to learn things that I was good at. Being a volunteer may seem to be an easy job outside but only when we step into it, we’ll know that its a great responsibility. I’m so glad that I volunteered and shared my knowledge with the children. Aarvam is very serious about providing quality education to the children. Every course during the summer camp was carefully structured to add more value. It’s a memory to cherish forever and I’m super proud of being a part of it.”


“Hi, I’m Leva Zumbyte, a sociology PhD candidate at Brown University. I’m researching about public childcare provision in low-income settlements in Chennai, so, I had partnered with the local NGOs, including Aavram to conduct focus group discussions in various parts of Chennai. Aarvam has kindly helped me and mobilized local mothers of young children for discussion sessions on childcare arrangements in Vyasarpadi.
Aarvam volunteers, and staff including Sumithra and others were very professional and made the discussions go smoothly. I’m extremely grateful to Aarvam for their help and support in carrying out this research and I hope to continue working with them.”


“Aarvam is doing a fantastic job with the community. They have a holistic program which includes kids, youth. Any organization is known by its people and Aarvam has the most compassionate and empathetic people who care for the youth who will go forward and contribute to the country’s growth. I am extremely proud to have met Aarvam and be small part of their huge contribution to the community. I am looking forward to work with them for making a mentally healthy community!”


“Bro. Siga Animation Center is my first field work to be placed in community development setting, The organization works for the slum people and it is a great exposure for me to know more about the slum community which helps for my studies effectively. The staffs were so easy to merge and they taught new things which I can’t learn through theory.”
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“Through this organisation, I’ve gained knowledge about the vulnerability of the community.
Aarvam has helped me widen my thoughts and also has helped me think how to go about my community organisation.My experience as a fieldwork trainee in this organisation has sharpened my intellect and has made more of a passionate social worker.”


“I can see how the community is so close with the organization. The way the STEP classes are conducting are very reachable for the youth of the community. We can see the motivation of the community in participating in all the sessions and programs. It shows the relationship between the organization and the community.”