Beneficiary Stories

Beneficiary Stories


“I am Deepa from Vyasarpadi. I am a postgraduate. Before Aarvam came into my life, I had very little knowledge in English. STEP Class has helped me in various ways, I can now speak and write English with confidence. The class has also enabled me to handle criticism effectively and has taught me how to channel it for my betterment. Prior to this class, I was nervous while talking in English and now, it has changed a lot. Many aspects such as writing resume, etiquettes while attending an interview, dressing for work was also carried forth through the Class. Through the personality development class, I feel that I have had a holistic growth. Many aspects such as telephonic interviews, how to accept a job offer etc were covered. I cannot thank the NGO enough; will forever be indebted to Aarvam and Smile Foundation for bringing in this change.”


Madan is a resident of Malligaipoo colony. His parents are labourers who work for daily wages. He was a 7th Std student in Kalyanapuram School when his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. This took a toll on the family. They were not able to meet the needs with the wages of just his father. Madan had to drop out of the school as he was not able to remit the fee. This is when Aarvam intervened and lend a helping hand in his studies. Unfortunately, Madan’s mother had to undergo a surgery and Madan had to be home to take care or her. Constant absenteeism effected his studies and eventually had to drop out again. When Madan’s mother raised this issue to Aarvam, we knew something had to be done. The NGO spoke to the teachers and management of the school and they agreed to take him into the 7th standard. Creating a smile is the best thing anyone can do and Aarvam is happy to have made a family smile.


“I am Shanmugapriya from  Vyasarpadi. Since I was a science student, I didn’t have much knowledge about computers. It is of top priority to know about computers in today’s scenario. It would definitely help in landing a job. After joining Aarvam STEP centre I have learnt a lot like MS Office, digital media and like wise.Now, I am confident that I can attend interviews without fear. I thank Smile Foundation for providing these classes and Aarvam for making a tremendous change in my life.”


“I am Parthiban. I have been a beneficiary of Aarvam since 10 years. I have been a part of Children Sangam Movement when I was an 8-year-old and was also a Children Sangam leader. I have turned 18 now. I have always been an active participant in all the activities conducted by Aarvam. The camp has helped me in many ways. I have learnt plenty of things like oyilaatam, parai and can now play the base on parai. I cannot possibly count the blessings that Aarvam has given me. Each training has added a new skill to my skill set and I will continue learning through these camps. This year’s summer camp can be called a milestone in my life. The camp, by providing intrinsic training in photography, life skills, training activities helped me to identify my talents and I got clarity about the path which I have to take. The photography workshop made a huge impact in me and helped me shape my future goals. It opened vistas to the world of photography and I learned how to handle a camera, how to take pictures, the various rules of photography etc. The art of Photo journalism was also taught. Now, I am confident that I can take good pictures. Me and my friends had taken a few pictures during the workshop which pertained to the theme of “Lifestyle in Vyasarpadi”. The Photos were then exhibited in Madras University. This fulfilled the zest in me and encouraged me a lot to learn more about photography. Through the workshop I have understood my talent and interest. I am grateful to Aarvam for lighting my path and guiding me.”